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Training Workshops & Activities

We deliver a range of in house courses which are free to attend for those with low incomes: 


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'Lockdown Lift Off!'

A workshop designed to support you with giving you the space to evaluate where you are now and what matters to you, as well as acknowledging any negative emotions you have as a result of the Pandemic.

Interview Techniques

Using the ‘Situation – Task – Action – Result’ (STAR) technique, we will give you ‘real-life’ scenarios and skills to ensure that you master the art of presenting yourself professionally, when you are asked to attend a job interview.


Representing Yourself

An introduction on how to get your point across to others in situations when you need to obtain positive results.  This includes how to manage paperwork, improve you time management, and communicate effectively in order to be better organised to tackle day to day issues effectively.

Accredited Courses:

Arts Awards

We are affiliated with the SE17Working Training Centre which delivers the Arts Awards.   Courses are accredited by Trinity College.  More details of the Arts awards can be found in the link below


Cache Level 2


We are funded to deliver the following courses: 

  • Caring for Children and Young People 

  • Children and Young People’s Mental Health 

  • Awareness of Mental Health Issues 

Counselling Services:


The STAR Self-Assessment Tool

Our trained counsellors use the 'Triangle Star', a framework which has been highly endorsed for holistic conversations between the service user and practitioner, and supports both parties to reflect on the strengths and challenges that exist. Using the scale descriptions, they identify together the stage the service user is at of their life’s journey. 


Referrals To Partner Agencies

We work in partnership with a variety of organisations to achieve our objectives.  Please click on the links below to understand more about their work.

(Please click links below image for more information)


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Registered Company Number: 14039134
Registered Offices: The Play Office, 285 Albany Road, SE5 0AH
Telephone Number: 0207 708 4088


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