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The NCFF Bursary 

We offer Well-being bursaries up to £250 for individuals and £750 for families whom have suffered trauma, to offer respite from everyday issues. These funds can be used for the following: 


  • Gardening 

  • Decorating 

  • Short Breaks 

  • Makeover(s) 

  • Training and Development 

  • Research and Representation 


From time to time you may feel that decisions are being made for you that do not present pathways for you to be included in the process.  When important decisions are being made about your life, we will stand by you to help you to understand the important issues, understand your rights and take control of your life. Advocacy means giving a person support to have their voice heard. It is a service aimed at helping people understand their rights and express their views. 

When can we help? 

Some of the common times you may find you need someone 'fighting your corner' includes: 

  • When you're using or need access to healthcare or social services 

  • When you're not feeling at your most confident 

  • When you're facing a life changing decision – maybe on where you’re living or what care you’re receiving 

  • When you're coping with personal or family illness, disability of bereavement 

  • When you need practical support if you have a mental health issue or you’re in emotional distress 

  • When you need support to feel fully informed and involved in discussions about things such as medical treatment 

  • When you're being stopped or prevented from doing something that is important to you. 

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