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Free Printable Sudoku Puzzles for Everyone - Download and Print Today

My printable puzzles contain a page of hints in addition to a page of answers.The hints are puzzle grids that contain numbers showing the order inwhich the squares were solved by my computer. Although this is not necessarily the orderyou would solve the puzzle, it's probably in the neighborhood.

These Sudoku puzzles are free for personal use. Teachers are welcome to print these puzzles in quantity for classroom distribution. (Limitations: They may not be reproduced or distributed in any salable form. They may not be used for promotional or marketing purposes. They may not be published elsewhere on the internet.)

sudoku to download and print

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On this page are 100 free sudoku puzzles I made that you can print out right now. There are 4 sudoku puzzles per page. There is a link to the Solutions on the puzzle page as well.The printable sudoku puzzles pages below are listed in order of difficulty.If you are new to sudoku, start with an easy puzzle. Or if you're a sudoku whiz, go for the harder ones.See below for a summary of the rules of sudoku. For detailed instructions, including advanced techniques, visit the Sudoku Instructions page.For even more sudoku, see the 100 Free Large Sudoku Puzzles page.More Free Printables: Crosswords, Word Searches, Bible Word Searches, Special Needs Word Searches, Mormon Word Searches, Balance Quest Math Puzzles

Want to play sudoku online in your browser? Visit my Free Sudoku Games page.Are you the publisher of a newsletter, bulletin, newspaper, or magazine? Include a sudoku puzzle or word search puzzle in each issue. Your readership will love it! (In your publication, simply include the following copyright statement next to the puzzle: " Reprinted by Permission.")The 100 Free Sudoku Printables28 Easy Sudoku Puzzles (4 per Page)Easy Puzzles #1Easy Puzzles #2Easy Puzzles #3Easy Puzzles #4Easy Puzzles #5Easy Puzzles #6Easy Puzzles #724 Medium / Intermediate Sudoku Puzzles (4 per Page)Medium Puzzles #1Medium Puzzles #2Medium Puzzles #3Medium Puzzles #4Medium Puzzles #5Medium Puzzles #624 Hard Sudoku Puzzles (4 per Page)Hard Puzzles #1Hard Puzzles #2Hard Puzzles #3Hard Puzzles #4Hard Puzzles #5Hard Puzzles #624 Very Hard Sudoku Puzzles (4 per Page)Very Hard #1Very Hard #2Very Hard #3Very Hard #4Very Hard #5Very Hard #6To print a puzzle page, click the "Print This Page" button at the top of the page. The solutions pages are provided as well.Printable Sudoku Puzzles - Rules of SudokuHere's a summary of the rules of sudoku, in case you've never played before or need a refresher.

The rules are quite simple, actually. The hard part lies in solving the puzzle!if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'memory_improvement_tips_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_5',166,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-memory_improvement_tips_com-large-mobile-banner-1-0');A sudoku puzzle consists of a 9 by 9 grid. This grid is subdivided into nine 3 x 3 boxes.Some of the cells in the grid are prefilled with a number between 1 and 9, while many other cells are blank. Your job is to determine the correct number to be entered in each of the empty cells.To figure out which number between 1 and 9 belongs in a particular cell, you need to adhere to the following rules:The numbers 1 through 9 must appear exactly once in each row.The numbers 1 through 9 must appear exactly once in each column.The numbers 1 through 9 must appear exactly once in each 3x3 box.The challenge of sudoku is using the process of elimination and other strategies to identify the unique solution for the sudoku puzzle. Sudoku really is an excellent brain game, as it trains logical reasoning and visual perception, among other brain skills.Sudoku is my favorite logic puzzle. I have a hand-held Sudoku game (with stylus) that I play all the time.Even though I practice, I'm not very good. But it's a great brain workout anyway. Anything that stretches your mind will help keep your brain sharp.

This site contains hundreds of sudoku puzzles in printable PDF and HTML format. Each file contains 8 puzzles, 2 on every page, with solutions on the last page. The puzzles are standard sudoku puzzles with a 9 by 9 grid divided into 9 smaller 3 by 3 boxes.

You are currently on the page to make our Legacy Sudoku Puzzles. These 9x9 Sudoku puzzles generate quick! Difficulty is determined by removing numbers from a completed grid - the more numbers we remove indicates a harder difficulty. Please NOTE: on occasion this may create puzzles that have more than one solution. The only way to tell if a Sudoku puzzle has only one solution is to solve it (behind the scenes), which takes time. Our Deluxe Sudoku puzzles provide "Genuine Sudoku" puzzles but take longer to generate because we analyze each puzzle extensively before delivering it to your printed page.

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