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Download Tekken 3 APK in 35 MB and Experience the Best Fighting Game on PC

Tekken 3 APK Download 35 MB PC: How to Play the Classic Fighting Game on Your Computer


If you are a fan of fighting games, you probably have heard of Tekken 3, one of the most iconic and influential games in the genre. Tekken 3 was released in 1997 for the PlayStation console, and it quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, selling over 8 million copies and receiving critical acclaim. Tekken 3 is widely considered as one of the best fighting games ever made, thanks to its deep and varied gameplay, stunning graphics, memorable characters, and catchy soundtrack.

But what if you want to play Tekken 3 on your PC? Unfortunately, there is no official version of Tekken 3 for Windows, so you will need to use an emulator to run the game. An emulator is a software that mimics the hardware and software of another device, such as a PlayStation, on your PC. This way, you can play games that are not compatible with your PC, such as Tekken 3.

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In this article, we will show you how to download Tekken 3 APK for PC, which is a compressed file that contains the game data and the emulator. We will also tell you about the features of Tekken 3 APK for PC, and give you some tips and tricks for playing the game on your computer. Let's get started!

How to download Tekken 3 APK for PC?

Downloading Tekken 3 APK for PC is very easy and fast. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Click on this link to go to the download page of Tekken 3 APK for PC.

  • Click on the download button and wait for the file to be downloaded. The file size is only 35 MB, so it should not take long.

  • Extract the file using WinRAR or any other software that can open RAR files. You will get a folder named "techworm.net_T3" that contains two files: "ePSXe.exe" and "Tekken_III.iso".

  • Double-click on "ePSXe.exe" to launch the emulator. This is the software that will run Tekken 3 on your PC.

  • Click on "File" and then "Run ISO". Browse to the folder where you extracted the file and select "Tekken_III.iso". This is the game data that will be loaded by the emulator.

  • Enjoy playing Tekken 3 on your PC!

Features of Tekken 3 APK for PC

Tekken 3 APK for PC has many features that make it a great way to play the classic fighting game on your computer. Here are some of them:

High-quality graphics and sound

The emulator that comes with Tekken 3 APK for PC allows you to enjoy the game in high resolution and with enhanced sound quality. You can adjust the graphics settings according to your preference and your PC's performance. You can also enable filters and shaders to improve the visual effects of the game. The sound effects and music of Tekken 3 are also crisp and clear, adding to the immersion and excitement of the game.

Multiple game modes and characters

Tekken 3 APK for PC has many game modes and characters that you can choose from. You can play the arcade mode, where you fight against different opponents until you reach the final boss. You can also play the versus mode, where you can challenge your friends or the computer in a one-on-one match. You can also try the team battle mode, where you can form a team of up to eight characters and fight against another team. You can also play the survival mode, where you have to defeat as many enemies as possible with a limited amount of health. You can also play the practice mode, where you can hone your skills and learn new moves. You can also play the Tekken Force mode, where you have to fight your way through four stages of enemies in a side-scrolling adventure. You can also play the Tekken Ball mode, where you have to hit a ball with your attacks and try to knock out your opponent.

Tekken 3 APK for PC has a roster of 23 characters, each with their own unique fighting style, moves, and personality. You can play as familiar characters from the previous games, such as Jin Kazama, Paul Phoenix, Nina Williams, King, Yoshimitsu, and Heihachi Mishima. You can also play as new characters that were introduced in Tekken 3, such as Ling Xiaoyu, Hwoarang, Eddy Gordo, Bryan Fury, Julia Chang, and Ogre. You can also unlock hidden characters by completing certain tasks or using cheat codes, such as Dr. Bosconovitch, Gon, Tiger Jackson, and Anna Williams.

Tips and tricks for playing Tekken 3 on PC

Tekken 3 APK for PC is a fun and addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours. However, if you want to master the game and beat your opponents, you will need some tips and tricks to help you out. Here are some of them:

Learn the basic moves and combos

The first thing you need to do is to learn the basic moves and combos of each character. You can do this by reading the move list in the pause menu or by playing the practice mode. You should know how to perform punches, kicks, throws, blocks, counters, sidesteps, and special moves. You should also know how to chain your moves together to create combos that deal more damage and stun your opponent. You should also learn how to use the rage system, which allows you to unleash a powerful attack when your health is low.

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