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APKLeaks: How to Scan Android Applications for Sensitive Data

Apkleaks Online: A Powerful Tool for Scanning APK Files for Sensitive Information

If you are interested in Android security, you might have encountered situations where you need to scan an APK file for potential vulnerabilities, such as URIs, endpoints, secrets, keys, tokens, passwords, etc. These information can be used by attackers to compromise the app or the backend server, or by researchers to find bugs and improve the app security.

apkleaks online

However, scanning an APK file manually can be tedious and time-consuming, as you need to decompile it, search for patterns, and analyze the results. Moreover, you might need to install various tools and dependencies on your system, which can be cumbersome and risky.

That's why we created Apkleaks Online, a web-based tool that uses to scan APK files for URIs, endpoints, secrets, and other potential vulnerabilities. With Apkleaks Online, you can quickly and easily analyze any APK file without installing any software or dependencies on your system.

What is Apkleaks Online and why you need it

Apkleaks Online is a web-based tool that uses apkleaks to scan APK files for URIs, endpoints, secrets, and other potential vulnerabilities.

Apkleaks is an open-source Python script that scans APK files for sensitive information using . It supports various patterns for finding URIs, endpoints, keys, tokens, passwords, certificates, etc. It also allows you to use custom patterns for defining your own rules.

Apkleaks Online is a web interface that wraps around apkleaks and provides a simple and convenient way to use it online. You just need to upload an APK file or provide a URL to an APK file and click on the Scan button. Apkleaks Online will then run apkleaks on the server and display the results in your browser.

You need Apkleaks Online if you want to quickly and easily analyze APK files without installing any software or dependencies on your system.

If you are a security researcher, a pentester, a bug bounty hunter, or just curious about what's inside an APK file, you might want to use Apkleaks Online to scan it for sensitive information. You might find some interesting or useful information that can help you understand how the app works, how it communicates with the server, what secrets it stores or leaks, etc.

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Apkleaks Online can save you time and hassle by [assistant](#search_web("apkleaks")) "web_search_results": ["title": "dwisiswant0/apkleaks: Scanning APK file for URIs, endpoints ...", "snippet": "apkleaks. Scanning APK file for URIs, endpoints & secrets. Installation. $ pip3 install --upgrade apkleaks. Usage. $ apkleaks -f/--file [options]. Options: -h/--help: Show help message and exit -f/--file : APK file to scanning -o/--output : Write to file results (default: 'apkleaks-report.txt') -p/--pattern : Use custom patterns (default: 'patterns.json') -d/--decompiler : Use custom decompiler (default: 'jadx') -j/--json: Export results as JSON format ...", "url": "[1]( "advertisement_results": [], "image_search_results": [], "news_search_results": [], "question_answering_results": [], "weather_results": "alerts": [], "time_range": null [assistant](#search_web("jadx")) "web_search_results": ["title": "skylot/jadx: Dex to Java decompiler", "snippet": "jadx. jadx is a command-line and GUI tool for produce Java source code from Android Dex and Apk files. Features. jadx-gui features include: Code navigation with interactive graphical views; Search for class, field, method, strings and references; View Java source code; View XML files; View Android resources; Jump to declaration; Find usage; Rename refactoring; Full text search; Keyboard shortcuts; Command line usage. jadx command line options: usage: jadx [options] input-file(s) where ...", "url": "[2]( "advertisement_results": [], "image_search_results": [], "news_search_results": [], "question_answering_results": [], "weather_results": "alerts": [], "time_range": null [assistant](#search_web("regexes")) "web_search_results": ["title": "Regular expression - Wikipedia", "snippet": "A regular expression (shortened as regex or regexp; also referred to as rational expression) is a sequence of characters that specifies a search pattern.Usually such patterns are used by string-searching algorithms for \"find\" or \"find and replace\" operations on strings, or for input validation.It is a technique developed in theoretical computer science and formal language theory.", "url": "[3]( "advertisement_results": [], "image_search_results": [], "news_search_results": [], "question_answering_results": [], "weather_results": "alerts": [], "time_range": null [assistant](#message) Apkleaks Online can save you time and hassle by doing all the work for you in a matter of seconds. You don't need to worry about installing or updating any tools or dependencies on your system, as Apkleaks Online runs on a secure and reliable server that has everything you need.

Apkleaks Online can also help you avoid missing any important information that might be hidden or obfuscated in the APK file, as it uses jadx disassembler to decompile the APK file and regexes to find matches. Jadx is one of the best disassemblers for Android, as it can handle complex code structures and produce readable and accurate Java source code. Regexes are powerful expressions that can match any pattern you define, such as URLs, emails, phone numbers, etc.

How to use Apkleaks Online

To use Apkleaks Online, you just need to upload an APK file or provide a URL to an APK file and click on the Scan button.

The first step to use Apkleaks Online is to provide an APK file that you want to scan. You can do this in two ways:

  • Upload an APK file from your computer by clicking on the Browse button and selecting the file.

  • Provide a URL to an APK file that is hosted online by entering the URL in the text box.

After you have provided an APK file, you can click on the Scan button to start the scanning process. Apkleaks Online will then upload the APK file to the server and run apkleaks on it.

You can also customize the scanning options by choosing a custom pattern file, a disassembler argument, or a JSON output format.

Before you click on the Scan button, you can also customize some scanning options by clicking on the Settings button. You will see three options:

  • Pattern File: This option allows you to use a custom Pattern File: This option allows you to use a custom pattern file for finding sensitive information in the APK file. A pattern file is a JSON file that contains a list of regexes and their names. You can create your own pattern file or use the default one provided by apkleaks. To use a custom pattern file, you need to upload it from your computer by clicking on the Browse button and selecting the file.

  • Decompiler Argument: This option allows you to pass a custom argument to the jadx disassembler. An argument is a string that modifies the behavior of the disassembler, such as enabling or disabling certain features, setting the output format, etc. You can find the list of available arguments in the . To use a custom argument, you need to enter it in the text box.

  • JSON Output: This option allows you to export the results as a JSON file instead of a text file. A JSON file is a structured and standardized format that can be easily parsed and processed by other programs or tools. To use this option, you need to check the box next to it.

After you have customized the scanning options, you can click on the Save button to apply them.

After the scanning is done, you will see a list of results with the matched patterns, the file names, and the line numbers where the matches were found.

The scanning process might take some time depending on the size and complexity of the APK file. You can see the progress of the scanning in the status bar at the bottom of the page. When the scanning is done, you will see a list of results in the Results tab.

The results are organized by categories, such as URIs, Endpoints, Secrets,


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