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Download Zombie City Master Zombie Game MOD APK and Rule the Apocalypse with Infinite Resources

Zombie City Master: A Fun and Thrilling Zombie Game with Mod APK

Do you love zombie games? Do you want to experience a different kind of zombie game where you are the hunter instead of the hunted? Do you want to have unlimited resources and access to all the features of the game? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should try Zombie City Master, a fun and thrilling zombie game with mod apk (unlimited money and gems).

zombie city master zombie game mod apk (unlimited money and gems)

What is Zombie City Master?

Zombie City Master is one of the best idle zombie games out there. It is developed by Tilting Point LLC and is available for both Android and iOS devices. In this game, you get to overtake locations with hordes of zombies hunting for humans. Unlike zombie survival games, this game lets you take on the role of a hunter and hunt with your hordes the humans left alive. Its not a zombie hunter game, its a pure human hunting game.

A zombie game that lets you hunt humans

The only way you can take over every location is to let your zombies kill every single human being that tries to hide or fight back. You can spawn zombies to create hordes and attack the humans. You can also use different types of zombies, such as runners, brutes, spitters, boomers, etc., to suit your strategy. The bigger the horde, the smaller chances the humans have to kill zombies in their defense attempts.

A zombie game that has simple and captivating gameplay

Zombie City Master is an idle hunting game that sets a simple, yet understandable continuity to provide you with hours of enjoyable zombie town gameplay. Unlike in defense games, you will have to attack those that try to defend. You will also have to collect blood, brains, and bones from the eaten humans. You can use the collected materials to make your zombies stronger and faster. You will also have to keep track of time to finish each level before it runs out.

A zombie game that has various upgrades and features

You are a zombie hunter in this idle zombie game, so you can get upgrades to improve your chances. You can upgrade your zombies' damage, health, speed, energy, etc., using blood, brains, and bones. You can also build a Bone Tank to control your bone collectors that you can hire in the Graveyard. You can also build the Cursed Graveyard to automatically spawn zombies when your energy is at its maximum and control their numbers in the Graveyard tab.

Why download Zombie City Master mod apk?

If you want to enjoy Zombie City Master without any limitations or restrictions, then you should download Zombie City Master mod apk (unlimited money and gems). This mod apk will give you several benefits that will make your gameplay more fun and exciting.

Unlimited money and gems

With unlimited money and gems, you can buy anything you want in the game. You can buy more zombies, more upgrades, more energy, more bone collectors, etc. You can also skip waiting times for building or upgrading things. You can also unlock all the skins for your zombies.

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